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There's nothing particularly clever about a page of links, but without them the WWW would be nothing, so here are a few of the links (not related to cars) which I use on a regular basis. If you want to look at my car related links check out my other web pages on Marcos and Sportscar Racing..

First up a link to Google, the excellent search engine and general world domination Website, which has supplanted AltaVista as my start page of choice.

Now for some links...

IT Links

Jobserve - Online computer vacancies
Webtrends - My current employer - 2007
LinkedIn - A great way of keeping in touch with former colleagues and associates - A professional version of Friends Reunited
SVP - Are a great UK source for bargain priced (re)writable DVDs and CDs.

News & Information Links

The BBC - My usual first call for online news
The Electronic Telegraph - My favourite electronic newspaper.
Yahoo's Weather Forecasts are always useful if you're bound for foreign parts.
Online Conversion's a great site for those moments when you wonder how many Joules in a Litre...
The World Clock comes in very handy when you need to phone someone in Bangalore and you're in Portland, OR - Will you wake them up?
XE is the site I use to work out what my Pound is worth around the world, or if that CD on is cheaper than the one on!

Various Links

Thorpe Park - My daughter still loves this place.
Star Trek : The Next Generation - My wife still loves this program.
The Shield - A excellent and underrated TV cop show which I make a point of watching whenever it's on.
Multimap - I still use them over Google Maps when looking for places
Ebay - I'm slightly shocked by how much of my shopping I do on eBay these days, but there are bargains to be had!
Amazon - And if I'm not shopping on eBay, it'll probably be Amazon
or CD-Wow! - Excellent source for bargain priced CDs, DVDs, etc.
I've always liked Radio 4, even as a kid and there is some great comedy still coming out of R4 - Best news is that you can catch most of it 'on demand' online.
Popbitch is an irreverant scandal e-mail distributed each week, always guaranteed to make me smile, although not for the sensitive natured...
Farnham Maltings is a venue near where I live. As well as arts events, it holds interesting Sunday markets featuring Books, militaria, toys and the like - Always fun to wander around.
National Trust - It might be a sign of approaching dotage, but being a National Trust member makes good sense if you visit more than a handful of their properties in a year and it's surprising how many there are!
Shock Absorber - Nope not Bilstein's or Koni's homepage, but a page every man should visit.
Monica Bellucci - The sexiest woman on earth?
Or maybe it's Caterina Murino now?

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