Guernsey - Summer 2014

In 2014, we decided to have a summer holiday closer to home and Mandy's father was born on Sark, so she'd wanted to go to Guernsey (and Sark and Herm) for many years.

Lauren had arranged to spend 6 weeks in Ghana, working for a TV station on a work experience trip, so it was Mandy, Ryan and I.

We crossed to Guernsey on a catamaran from Poole and arrived in St Peter Port early afternoon.

We had booked a small, but comfortable appartment for the week, eating out most of the time, but having breakfast and a snack at lunch or dinner, depending on when we'd eaten out.

One evening we had a barbeque in the garden.

Ryan waits for me to finish the cooking!

I arranged to do a couple of dives with the local BSAC club, so went along to meet them on our first evening.

As well as exploring Guernsey, we took a boat trip out to nearby Herm one day, walking all the way around the small island.

Fort Grey at Le Clerc

Typical of the German Observation Towers

There are no houses on the island, but there is a great beach and we spent a while there after walking along the clifftops.

On another day, Ryan stayed in the appartment and the pool onsite, whilst Mandy and I took the longer boat trip to Sark.

The tiny harbour is a bit of a challenge (with the Channel Island's notorious large tidal range), but we arrived and walked up to the village, where we rented a couple of bikes to get around (there are no cars on either Herm or Sark).

Lighthouse as we approached Sark

Mandy gets a welcome.

We visited the small farm where a distant relative of Mandy's once lived and generally explored, all through the week we had wonderful weather.

Causeway on Sark

The Window in the Rock on Sark

On other days, we explored St Peter Port and travelled around the coast, often parking up the car and walking for a few hours, visiting various of the WW2 German fortifications or just taking in the lovely scenery and beaches, before returning to the car.

St Peter Port is a picturesque town in the main.

Bar in St Peter Port

Victor Hugo's house in St Peter Port proved to be an unexpected delight, including great views from the rooms higher in the house and a lovely garden.

Inside Victor Hugo's house

Staircase in Victor Hugo's house

Victor Hugo's house from his garden.

This was certainly the most unexpectedly enjoyable place we visited, for me at least. Interestingly, he left the house to the city of Paris, who run it as a museum!

One day was our Wedding Anniversary, so, after a gentle stroll around a reservoir/nature reserve, we treated ourselves to a nice meal in the Fleur Du Jardin where I enjoyed an excellent crab.

Pausing as we walked around the St Saviour reservoir.

Gorgeous Crab for Anniversary lunch at Fleur Du Jardin

One day when I was diving, Mandy and Ryan visited a house and gardens and the Shell Chapel.

House & Gardens - Not sure where!

Mandy & Ryan visited the shell encrusted Little Chapel whilst I dived one day

You can read about my diving here, if you're interested. Suffice to say, it was very enjoyable, but quite like diving on the south coast of England.

Our ferry back was mid afternoon, so we visited a few more sights near St Peter Port, including a very well preserved bunker complex, complete with Artillery and tank turret pillboxes and the tower at Fermain beach.

Mandy & Ryan on the gun near Pleinmont

Tower at Fermain Beach

Overall, we had a great time on Guernsey and after our long haul holidays of the previous couple of years it was with a little surprise, but great pleasure, that we all agreed that our week in the Channel Islands had been every bit as enjoyable, in its way, as those much dearer and far flung trips.

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